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The Rollercoaster Weather of Northern Kentucky & How to Mitigate Damage from It

Published by Allegra on October 29, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Weather damageNorthern Kentucky boasts of scenic beauty. But these stunning views also come with the bane of really unpredictable weather. This means that homeowners can never be too prepared to deal with the sudden changes in weather. The weather alternates from high heat to extreme cold, spells of rainfall and high snowfall.

All these varying weather conditions entail their own set of damage. For example, water damage from rainfall and the threat of fires during the summer season. In such an event, what should the inhabitants of Northern Kentucky do? The best course of action is to prepare and prevent the damage or at least try to mitigate the damage from these weather conditions.


The threat of tornadoes is higher in Northern Kentucky than the national average. Due to this, you need to prepare for the home damage tornadoes cause. Tornadoes are very powerful and they can destroy anything. As a result, your home can suffer significant damage.

Roof Damage

Strong winds are capable of serious destruction. The most common victim of houses are roofs. For example. branches can strip off and fall on the roof, causing serious damage. This may cause cracks in the roof, which means that water can then penetrate the roof and enter your home causing water damage. If you live in Northern Kentucky, you should make sure your roof is made from sturdy material and is secured to your house.

Shattered Windows

Shattered windows are a common occurrence during tornadoes. This may be due to the force of the wind or due to the debris flying around in the tornado. When your window breaks down, your home will be susceptible to infestation from contaminants as well as water damage due to rain. Since it will take some time for windows to be replaced, till then, a lot of damage may have been done. If you live in Northern Kentucky, you should have impact-resistant shutters over windows.


On average, Northern Kentucky gets 51 inches of rain per year as compared to the USA, which gets 38 inches of rain per year. While rain is a treat, it can also pose a threat of home damage to homeowners in Northern Kentucky. Rain can lead to water damage in several ways.

Flood Damage

Heavy rainfall can cause flooding. This will lead to water damage. When there is a lot of rain, the roof may start to leak into your home, leading to seepage. This may lead to cracks in the walls and ceiling. The force of water can also knock over doors and windows. To prevent water damage, you should create mud dams outside the home to prevent water from entering inside the house.

Cracks in Foundation

When water collects outside your home, it will start to weaken the foundation of your home. Even a small leak will allow water to enter the home, which will damage the interior of the home. A damaged foundation will cost you a lot to repair.

Mold Damage

When moisture lingers after rain or flood, this creates a breeding ground for mold growth. Mold spores start to form in damp and humid environments. Mold feeds on organic materials, which leads to property damage. To prevent mold growth, you should ensure a thorough drying and dehumidifying process inside homes to ensure no moisture remains.


Winter is short in Northern Kentucky, and snowfall only happens during this season. But Northern Kentucky’s inhabitants remember the worst snowstorm, due to which it is better to be prepared in advance, given the city’s unpredictable weather. Snowfall can lead to a risk of fires and water damage.

Fire Damage

When there is snowfall, it can accumulate into the chimney. This chimney blockage with fires burning inside homes can pose a risk of fire. To prevent this, you should regularly clean and unclog your chimneys before using the fire pit at home.

Water Damage

Freezing temperatures cause water to freeze inside pipes. This will increase the pressure in pipes, eventually leading to a pipe burst.  Pipe bursts will then cause water damage and flooding, especially in areas like the basement. Moreover, when snow accumulates on the roof and then melts, this will seep inside homes, causing further damage. Snow, ice and debris can block gutters, which won’t be able to carry water away from the house, leading to further seepage and water damage.

Mold Damage

When the internal and external temperature differs, it causes condensation. This moisture will then lead to mold growth. To prevent mold growth inside homes, ensure proper ventilation inside homes and monitor the humidity levels inside homes. High humidity and moisture often lead to mold growth.

Disaster Restoration

If you live in Northern Kentucky, you may experience several extreme weather conditions that may cause property damage. Disasters can incur repair and maintenance costs for homeowners, so it is best to prevent and mitigate the damage.

In the event that you encounter a disaster in Northern Kentucky, you should contact 911 Restoration of Northern Kentucky. This Home Restoration Company will ensure your property is restored, making it safe for you and your loved ones.

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